Fest dating

Here I am, checking my texts, email, and snail mail daily, looking for an invitation to one of his pool parties so that he can rap songs from in my ear while I stroke his beard.

And yet, he's out there gallivanting around with Robyn Fenty.

The new studio, which had its soft opening May 19, has extensive offerings such as yoga for healthy backs and chanting 101, with emphasis on yoga for the body, mind and spirit."It's important that the practice is taught in a holistic way," said co-founder Saul David Raye. Info: (424) 322-8071, Lacey Stone and Shaun T are among the celebrity trainers who will be leading classes on June 17 at the Shape Body Shop event. Info: To read the article in Spanish, click here READ ON!

Despite my territorial nature, I am, however, supportive of this pairing.

Reason number one: In addition to my Drake fandom, I am also a major Rihanna fan.

Schützenfest, translated as the Marksmen’s Fest, is a traditional German festival dating back to medieval times.

It celebrates a marksman saving a young child’s life from an eagle attack.

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