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With Jeremy’s gay relationship at the centre, last night’s episode harked back to those good old days in ways recent series just haven’t.After touching on monks, The Atlas Mountains, Moroccan cuisine, Corfu, adultery, The Hairy Bikers, obsession and stalking, it ended with Mark scribbling on a block of cheddar with a blue pen to create a “tasty young Stilton” and drinking a “Moroccan” cocktail made of water, rum, vinegar, lettuce and salt with a theologian called Angus. If your browser can't find the picture then the webcam isn't on.If your connection isn't fast enough, and the picture refreshes before your computer has a chance to download it, then the image may never come up. Step 1: Make sure your webcam is connected right and working. Now, you can stop here if you're satisfied, or you can get fancy and continue to Step 5.Check that it displays your image and updates it correctly. For me, Windows has a problem with how the Perl installer changes the Path environment variable.You can change the refresh rate in the "set Timeout" function as indicated by the comment in the source code. Step 6: Does your webcam server not have a static IP? You can auto-update the ip every time your computer starts with some simple scripts. To fix the problem, I just had to move the changes that the installer makes to the end of the Path instead of at the beginning.

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Ein Storch hütete allein den Horst und verschwand täglich nur für ein paar Stunden zur Futtersuche.

Wer mag, kann das Leben der stelzenbeinigen Vögel im Internet verfolgen.

Zahlreiche Webcams zeigen das Liebes- und Familienleben des Federviehs, bewegte Bilder und sogar Live-Tonübertragung gibt es etwa im Online-Horst des Weißstorch-Informationszentrums im Brandenburgischem Vetschau.

With Super Hans sober, Mark living with a new flatmate, Dobby shacked up with a new hipster boyfriend in New York and Jeremy experimenting (even more than usual) with his sexuality, the ninth and final series of Peep Show has begun in slightly unfamiliar fashion.

But after the first episode introduced – and then quickly got rid of – Mark’s new flatmate Jerry, the focus has shifted back to the nitty gritty of Mark and Jez’s relationship.

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