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Unsatisfactory results with the carbon-14 dating of bone organic matter have caused bone radiocarbon dates to be considered unreliable.

Even the so-called collagen dates are commonly erroneous for samples more than a few thousand years old.

A lot of the issues that we come up against when we struggle with dating and forging healthy relationships are rooted in essentially attempting to create ‘quality’ relationships even though we’re not involved in a healthy partnering, whether it’s down to incompatible core values or unhealthy behaviour, which will eventually render you incompatible anyway no matter how many other things you claim to have in common.

If you tend to think about you or what happens in your life in terms of being “good enough”, you’ll find that when you consider the quality of your relationships, far too much emphasis is put on ‘worth’; you’re thinking that there’s something wrong with you that is affecting the quality of the relationship or what the other person is doing, while at the same time putting the other person on a pedestal and giving over all of your power.

(author)International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria); Joint Commission on Applied Radioactivity of the International Council of Scientific Unions, Paris (France); 744 p; Aug 1967; p.

The quality of our relationships romantic and otherwise matter.

Note that I said know not assume, do not talking about doing stuff but it not materialising or contradictory actions that possibly might contradict words, are as in, whether we are our true selves or fake selves or even doormat selves, and the same for the other party.

Here we report on a new technique which allows this separation to be effected by using a low-temperature, low-pressure oxygen plasma to oxidize selectively the organic component; this may then be analysed using standard C methods.

We have applied this technique to a portion of a pictograph from the Lower Pecos region of southwest Texas (Fig.

Results suggest that collagen, free of humic acids, yields reliable results and is the only reliable organic fraction for dating fossil bone.

Humic acids that are not removed by standard pre-treatment are a prime suspect in the contamination of 'collagen' and can lead to dates that are too old as well as too young.

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