Liquidating distribution return of capital

At Black Creek Group, we invest in real estate from the ground up, building by building, scrutinizing and managing every aspect of every investment and seeking to create value for our shareholders.For more than 25 years, Black Creek’s investment professionals have developed, acquired, operated, financed and sold commercial and residential real estate in the United States and Mexico through our wide range of investments.

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Learn what they did to increase value, when to start – blunders they made and their successes.Selling your privately held company will be among your life’s most significant decisions, and you will have only one chance get it right.It is critical that you select the right advisory firm.Many of these products are specifically designed for direct placement, special purpose vehicles (SPV), partnership programs, product joint ventures, wholesale distribution, and/or financial syndication, while others are designed for co-venture sales, wealth management, and/or commercial and retail banking proformed on an institutional to institutional basis (bank to bank).Return of capital is a payment received from an investment that is not considered a taxable event and is not taxed as income.

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