Abe and rebecca dating

They’ll end up with Theo’s (Kyler Pettis) laptop and that’s going to cause big problems.

Hope and Abe are about to see a tape featuring a couple of familiar teens!

I'm a veteran online dater, and I'm here to tell you the stories from the trenches and dispel the horror myths surrounding online dating.

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Abe (James Reynolds) will stumble across something that leaves them in shock.

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She’ll be prepared to dish out some tough love this week.

Abe will be equally concerned by this startling sex tape.

episode ‘I Got You Abe,’ Mary invites her son Abe on a road trip to Florida to check in on Jeremiah and Carmela’s marriage.

It appears that Rebecca was not only already involved with cast mate Abe Schmucker (the two of them reportedly even have a child together) prior to filming, but she ran off with Abe while married to another man!

The story broke when the “: The Truth” Facebook page was tipped off about online court records that show a Rufus Hostetler of Solen, North Dakota filing for divorce from a Rebecca Jane Byler from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania in July of 2012.

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